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Volunteers: Get Involved

A Special Thanks To All Our Volunteers!

Frank Gestring, Serena Gestring, Kevin Grimm, Peggy Kocisko, Rachel Kocisko, Teresa Lampa
Jones, Kendra Jozsa, Don McCabe, Paula McCabe, Bill Miller, Cathy Montello, John Montello,
Chrissy Motz, Fran Motz, Gary Motz, Ken Motz, Jan Olszewski, Andrea Parma, Jody Perrine,
Megan Perrine, Katie Phillips, Jim Prasak, Chief Rob Reinholz, Sal Ruffo, Chief Tricia Wain,
Jennifer Wagner-Vecchio, Barry Zupancic.

Become A Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer in making the Streetsboro Family Days a successful event, contact:

Von Starkey - President



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