It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Streetsboro Family Days event.

We are working through difficult times as we emerge from the current Stay at Home order and the current uncertainty of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The effects of this pandemic will continue to be felt in the months to come and we are forced to make decisions that are difficult to make.  Our biggest concern is the health and safety of those who attend Streetsboro Family Days.

Right now, it is not safe to gather in small groups.  In the foreseeable future, we see that we will not be able to gather safely at a large event such as Streetsboro Family Days.  For that reason, we have canceled this year’s event. This decision came with the help of local professionals and we feel it is the appropriate path to take.

Stay safe, stay strong and see you in 2021!



Streetsboro Family Days Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation that was founded in 2002 by past President / Consultant, Chuck Kocisko. Its mission is to provide an annual summer festival for the Streetsboro community called Streetsboro Family Days. The annual summer festival is one that makes “EXCELLENCE in ENTERTAINMENT” a priority.

For years, the Streetsboro Community has been able to come together to enjoy family friendly free music concerts of nationally-acclaimed recording artists made possible by generous donations of area businesses, public entities, non-profit organizations, and residents. The festival is designed to foster a sense of community, goodwill, and pride in Streetsboro, Ohio. It brings together all the various facets of Streetsboro, its residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, and public entities–to participate in a highly-anticipated annual event filled with fun, fireworks, food, car, truck and bike show, dog show and top-rate musical entertainment. The four-day event is an opportunity for Streetsboro and surrounding communities to celebrate and appreciate its many resources and assets in a public display of our hospitality, generosity and appreciation of good music.

The Board members of Streetsboro Family Days, Inc. are all volunteers. Planning for the event is a year-long undertaking. The Board members recruit other volunteers from the community and solicit contributions of time, money, goods, and services that are all used for the purpose of producing this annual community event.

The Streetsboro Family Days committee is comprised of various residents and representatives of the city and businesses. The committee assembles each month to plan for this fun filled event.

Streetsboro Family Days Inc., is a private, non profit, charitable organization.



Streetsboro Family Days Prohibits the following: Any type of Gym / Duffle bags, Back Packs or Large Sacks are prohibited from entering the Streetsboro Family Days Event. Food, Drinks, and Coolers are also prohibited from entering the Streetsboro Family Days Event. Please support our Vendors who help keep our Event cost free.



Join us for FREE CONCERTS all four days.
Starting from the time the event opens, to the time that the event closes.

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